Original Watercolors

A master artist with over half a century in the profession, Bill spends several months on a single painting, building layer upon layer of watercolor to produce the detail and depth that are a trademark of his style. Because of his unique, time-intensive technique, William McNamara original watercolors are limited in number and coveted works for any art collector. 

Thousands upon thousands of delicate brush strokes go into each painting. Yet Bill uses only four pigments on his pallet: Windsor Red, Cadmium Yellow, Prussian Blue and Sepia. 

On a blank sheet of paper clamped to his drawing table, Bill begins a painting by outlining in sepia its defining features. Then, following his eye, he builds depth using an array of color until the painting takes on a life of its own. The last stage is often the most time-consuming. Hours are spent letting his eye wander over the art, letting the painting draw his brush to where it is needed, slowly highlighting, sharpening, giving the art its own presence.

Below you will find the current selection of available original watercolors by William McNamara. Prices are available only upon request. For serious inquiries, please visit our contact page.