• Buffalo River Near Terrapin Branch

    William McNamara:
    The Collected Works

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William McNamara
“We all have within us the impulse to look into the clouds and find an image, to see a face in a rock, a scene in the grain of wood.
We also have the impulse to make a mark, whether it be a scratch on a rock, a line in the dirt, or a brushstroke upon paper.
By learning to control the movements of our hands, we can create our own patterns, our own clouds, in which to look and find images.”
William McNamara

What makes
“a McNamara”?

Layers of color. The play of light and shadow.
Subtle and intricate patterns of nature.  

“I’ve always been inspired
by the wild places.”

William McNamara

Spring River
Spring River

The Buffalo River

Tucked in the mountains of Northwest Arkansas, our nation’s first national river is a pristine sanctuary in the natural world. Its headwaters flow through hollows, over waterfalls, and into valleys, each with its uniquely intimate beauty.

William McNamara has spent the last forty years exploring the Buffalo River and reflecting its beauty in his intricate watercolors. This gallery illuminates McNamara’s art as a study of the many faces of the Buffalo River, from its quiet, dripping pools to its rushing rapids to its colorful rocks and streambeds.

The Cave
The Cave

The Ozark Highlands

The Ozark Highlands are a dense woodland of rolling hills, rugged cliffs, hidden hollows, waterfalls, open valleys, pastures, caves and homesteads.  Waterfalls rage in the spring and stand frozen still in winter. Autumn winds carry fall colors. Hidden pools offer cool respite to the heat of summer. Yet across the shifting seasons, a timelessness remains.

This gallery of McNamara watercolors of the region invite the viewer to experience the ever-changing landscape of the Ozark Highlands as well as its timeless essence.


Natural Wonders

If we look underfoot, if we stop beside the water’s edge or gaze out the back window, we’d see natural wonders abound.

In this gallery of intimate landscapes, McNamara watercolors remind us of this truth and offer the viewer glimpses of the world of forest floors, small shaded pools, buds, blossoms, and shadowy crevices.

Under the Umbrella Magnolia
Under the Umbrella Magnolia

Artist’s Eye

What captures your eye, draws you in, leaves a deeper impression? Do you love the glow of tomatoes ripening in the sun or the dappled shade of Umbrella Magnolia trees?

This gallery allows you to explore the artist’s eye of William McNamara, his appreciation for the human form or a classic still life, as well as his love of color, texture, the play of light and dark, and the natural forms in the world around us.